About Us

Company Overview

Qitech Technologies Limited was incorporated as a limited liability firm, to provide technology services across Nigeria, particularly north of Nigeria.

Our services are fostered round a number of strategic partnerships with local and offshore companies in the area of bandwidth supply, hardware and software deployment and a number of integrated technology solutions.

Qitech Technologies Limited is also a technology business aggregator warehoused in Jos to provide a mentor-worth hub for a number of start-ups in northern Nigeria.

Qitech has strategic partnership with local and offshore partners to deliver world class computer and broadband Internet services. Partners include Tezza Business Solutions, Juniper Solutions, Data Sciences Nigeria Limited and Pinet Informatics Ltd.

Our Mission

To open uncovered places to ICT opportunities and deliver best of breed services to clients.

Service Statement

Services with integrity - A client's money is truly earned only when the client is really satisfied.

Goal and Objectives

Qitech Technologies Limited is built on the goal to provide expertise benchmarked on global best practices to meet our clients’ needs. Our objectives, are fostered on ideal working environment absolutely essential to providing training, research, standards and professionalism.